Te Whaariki (the curriculum)

At Folkestone St Child Care we offer choices for children in all curriculum areas, ranging from art, sensory, dramatic play, social skills and indoor/ outdoor activities including the supporting of developing fine & gross motor skills.


By focusing on the individual child through observation and interactions, we aim to maximise your Child's learning and development in the early childhood setting. This is enhanced by our focus on developing strong relationships with our families, therefore understanding your Child's level of development on a more personal level.

We notice what your child enjoys and shows an interest in, and recognise this by extending that interest through a variety of planned and spontaneous experiences to enhance your child's learning and development.


You will see a range of learning opportunities documented throughout our centre including display boards with your child's creations, including photos and art work that relate to the current interests of the children.


Our program is designed to ensure our children’s' learning and development is maximised through exploration while having an enjoyable and fun experience at our centre.

Folkestone Street



Address:      6 Folkestone Street,

                    Mairangi Bay, 0630,
                    New Zealand


Office:          09 410 1982


Centre:        09 475 5315


E-Mail:         miranda@folkestonestreet.co.nz

About us


Quality care by way of good teacher/child ratios, combined with teachers who bring not only an educational background, but also complimentary life experience. An open and inspired mind, provided in a collaborative and respectful manner is paramount to the foundation of our philosophy. Our goal is to provide quality care and education, and to help you develop your child to be a confident individual who has the self esteem to embrace who they are.


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