Our Mission

  1. High quality care, education and the environment

  2. Staff, Child and Parent growth

  3. Growing young 'Kiwis' incorporating today's multicultural context

Superior Parent and Child Experiences

We strive to provide a centre of excellence for our parents and children.  The experience had by both parties is paramount therefore we aim to constantly raise the bar to ensure, this is a fruitful, comfortable and positive experience.  This experience spans the childs journey at Folkestone St, from enrolling, to the day to day interactions and to the growth and the departure of the child upon them reaching 3 years of age.


Quality Care, Education and the Environment:

In order to achieve a centre of excellence, quality care needs to be at the forefront.  From this foundation, learning and development is built through our curriculum.  We are proud of our personalised homely environment that assists in developing your child through their early years.


Staff, Child and Parent Growth:

We recruit in a particular way to ensure we attain staff that fit with our philosophy.  We will strive to grow our staff, encouraging them to be all that they can be as we know this empowerment translates to quality care and quality growth of the children.

We also believe that we provide a service in which new parents can feel comfortable to seek advice and help on the day to day challenges that arise for parents with young infants and toddlers.

A Real Kiwi Environment:

We are privileged to assist in shaping your Children in their early years, we believe that true New Zealand values are important.  This means honest, down to earth, can do and simple interactions. 

Folkestone Street



Address:      6 Folkestone Street,

                    Mairangi Bay, 0630,
                    New Zealand


Office:          09 410 1982


Centre:        09 475 5315


E-Mail:         miranda@folkestonestreet.co.nz

About us


Quality care by way of good teacher/child ratios, combined with teachers who bring not only an educational background, but also complimentary life experience. An open and inspired mind, provided in a collaborative and respectful manner is paramount to the foundation of our philosophy. Our goal is to provide quality care and education, and to help you develop your child to be a confident individual who has the self esteem to embrace who they are.


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