You are encouraged to visit the centre by booking a time suitable with our centre Manager Vicki who can be reached on (09)4755315 This enables you to meet the team and see the centre in action. 


By making this time, we can ensure we have the staff available to give you our full attention - answering all of your important questions while respecting our wee ones who may be settling and would benefit from not so many new faces at one time.

We strongly refrain from the hard sell as we appreciate the space you require when making the decision that is right for you and your Child.


However we are confident that post your comparisons with other Childcare centres, Folkestone St Child Care is where you will want your Child to be.


Upon your decision to be a part of Folkestone Street Infant & Child Care, we would ask you complete an enrolment form and make a payment of 4 weeks worth of fees in  bond (2 weeks for full timers)  in order to secure your position. (This is usually 3-6 weeks out from the date your child starts)  This bond is refunded by way of payment for your first 4 weeks fees.  Please note;  There is no fee for being on our waiting list.


The week or two prior to your Child commencing we ask that you return and spend as much time as you can afford with your Child and the teachers in order to familiarise him/her with the environment.


We look forward to meeting you and assisting you through this process. 

Folkestone Street



Address:      6 Folkestone Street,

                    Mairangi Bay, 0630,
                    New Zealand


Office:          09 410 1982


Centre:        09 475 5315


E-Mail:         miranda@folkestonestreet.co.nz

About us


Quality care by way of good teacher/child ratios, combined with teachers who bring not only an educational background, but also complimentary life experience. An open and inspired mind, provided in a collaborative and respectful manner is paramount to the foundation of our philosophy. Our goal is to provide quality care and education, and to help you develop your child to be a confident individual who has the self esteem to embrace who they are.


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